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Discover the power of thinking!

Teens Write to Know was inspired after talking to my students, who did not want to be called "kids", and wanted to continue to participate in my writing club.

It's an honor to work with this age group who inspires me at every workshop with their creativity and energy! They keep me learning, so I can be prepared at each of the workshops.

This writing club is open for ages 13 to 19 years old. I can go to your school, church or youth conference.

Some of our topics include:

Teens Write to Know Themselves

Teens Write to Know Family

Teens Write to Know Jobs

Teens Write to Know Scholarships

Teens Write to Know Friendship

Teens Write to Know Their Neighborhood

Teens Write to Know Their City

Teen Write to Know Their State

Teens Write to Know Their Country

Teens Write to Know Continents

Teens Write to Know Cultures

Students get introduced to how to write autobiographies, persuasive essays and other writing compositions necessary to be successful at school and in the workplace.

PERSONALIZED Project Based Learning allows students to express themselves and inspire their community through the Arts & Technology.

Also enjoy calligraphy classes and "writing on art" projects!